Having grown up in a rural town in northern Wyoming, my connection to the earth and the landscape was inherent. The mountains, rivers, stones, trees, and flowers were a part of everyday life; but I never lost my wonder for them. If anything, with age came a greater respect and sense of awe at the beauty of nature. It began to take on metaphorical meaning for me. In flowers, I see the blossoming of life, optimism, and fulfillment of potential. In rivers, I see progression, steady movement toward a goal complete with both turbulent and calm moments. In rock formations, I see beauty, elegance, and strength carved over generations by icy winters and dry summers. Nature inspires my art. I work with a natural flow, much like rainwater eroding a path through the dry dirt of the desert. And often people inspire my work. Their personality, what they experience, and how they inspire me are manifest in abstract forms reminiscent of natural entities. A flame-like form with the base of a tree resembles my father who is both constant and strong but reaches for the heavens, burning with enthusiasm for the dreams of his children. In all my work I use line, shape, and space to create forms of movement, resembling the necessary harmonious balance we humans must constantly seek to achieve with the Earth. Movement is part of nature; movement is part of us; movement toward a healthy future is possible.- RJ Christensen